Same Day Emergencies NEW!!!!

Changes to our Walk-In Clinic

During COVID, we have had to make many changes to the way we manage our “Walk-in Clinic”. Moving forward, we have made the following changes:

    1. The clinic will no longer be referred to as a “walk-in” clinic – since patients can no longer walk in to make an appointment.

    2. As of now – the clinic will be referred to as Same-Day Emergencies Clinic

    3. The Same-Day Emergencies Clinic will only serve patients that have a family doctor with our clinic.

    4. Appointments in the Same-Day Emergencies Clinic will be IN PERSON unless otherwise discussed with a staff member at the clinic

    5. ALL appointments for the Same-Day Emergencies Clinic will be made by phone or through the portal (See below for more details about booking on the portal)

    6. NO APPOINTMENTS will be given to patients for the Same-Day Emergencies Clinic that come in person. Appointments MUST be made by phone or through the portal.

    7. We will no longer disclose which physician is on call. The schedule changes on a daily basis.


Pomelo Patient Portal

As of Monday, April 25, 2022 – all patients that are registered with our patient portal Pomelo (HealthMyself) will be able to schedule an appointment for the Same-Day Emergencies Clinic.

    1. Appointments will only be available for that same day – you cannot schedule a same day appointment in the future

    2. If you get a message that states “There are no more appointments available for the Same-Day Clinic online.” - you may contact the clinic as there still might be appointments available by phone.

    3. The name of the physician working at the time of your appointment will not be disclosed. We ask that you do not call the clinic for this information as it will not be given.

How to Schedule a Same-Day Appointment

    1. Log-in to your patient portal at

    2. Under the Appointments section, click Book New Appointment

    3. Select who the appointment is for

    4. Choose Same-Day Clinic as the type of appointment and select the next available time

    5. Write a SHORT description of the problem and confirm.


We kindly ask that patients remember that a same-day emergency appointment is for 1 urgent problem only and that all other issues will need to be addressed by the family physician.

Notice to our Quebec Patients

As of March 1st, 2022, the St Joseph Family Medicine Clinic will no longer be billing RAMQ directly for patient visits. Starting on that date, patients from the province of Quebec will be required to pay for their visit and submit the bill to RAMQ for re-imbursement. Some of our physicians are already using this system and there has been minimal issues.

This decision was taken by the current owners and will apply to all physicians.

This will in no way impact your access to our clinic or to your family physician.

Thank you for your understanding.

Pomelo Patient Portal - Health Myself

We now have an online portal for our patients.

It's called Pomelo Health


If you aren't registered, please call us at 613-830-1298 to receive an invitation.

Message regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine

Following the direction of the province (May 11), Ontario is immediately pausing administration of the first dose of the AZ vaccine.

For those who received their first dose of the AZ vaccine, we understand that there are many questions. Here is what we know now and are working to confirm for you.

Why was this change made now?

There are several reasons for this change:

  • The rates of rare blood clots with this vaccine are rising – the province quoted a 1:60,000 chance.
  • We are starting to see falling rates of COVID-19 infection in the province.
  • There are increasing supplies of other vaccines coming into Ontario.

Should I have waited for a different vaccine?

If you have already been vaccinated, you did the right thing by protecting yourself and others around you. Having a first dose provides significant protection against serious illness and death should you become infected with COVID-19.

If you received the AZ vaccine within the past 28 days, the chances of serious side effects remain very small – but you should know the signs, as these rare blood clots can be treated if addressed early. Please reach out to our office or seek emergency care if you have the warning symptoms. [For a quick summary of symptoms, see graphics here ]


What about the second doses?

What this pause means for second doses is not clear at this moment There is a more predictable supply of other vaccines coming and Canada should have information on mixing and matching different vaccine brands in the next 1 or 2 weeks based on a large study being conducted in the United Kingdom.

Where can I get updates?

You can check the provincial and our local public health unit website as well. Ontario's central vaccine management system has a record of when and where you were vaccinated and with which vaccine -- so no one will be left behind with a second dose.

We hope this will answer a lot of your questions.

WALK-IN Policies During COVID

During COVID, Walk-in policies and procedures have changed.

Please note the following:

  • Anyone wanting to see a physician in our walk-in clinic must call (613-830-1298) to make an appointment.

    • During business hours (8:30am to 4:30pm weekdays) dial Extension 3

    • During evenings (4:30pm to 8pm) and weekends (9am to 2pm) dial Extension 246

      • All patients asking for an appointment will be screened for COVID-19 in case they will need to be seen in person.

  • All appointments are by Telephone. If the physician deems it necessary, they may ask you to come in person either later that day or the following day for an examination.

    • All patients coming into the clinic will be screened for COVID-19

  • To access our clinic, you must ring the intercom outside the door. Patients without appointments will not be permitted inside the clinic.

    • This measure is to limit the number of people in the clinic at the same time so that we may properly observe social distancing guidelines.

  • We have adopted a Zero-Tolerance policy on abuse of any kind. Please click here to read the policy.


St-Joseph Family Medicine Clinic's staff and physicians are here to help you. Every effort is made to provide excellent medical care and fast and friendly service. In return, our physicians and staff deserve to work in a abuse-free environment.

We enforce a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards abuse of any clinic staff.


Anyone in breach of this policy will receive a warning and this could result in losing your family doctor and being banned from the clinic. We also reserve the right to call the police to remove offenders from the premises.

New Office Procedures for the Clinic

New operating procedures until further notice:

As more and more business start to open, our clinic needs to stay cautious to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While most appointments are now converted to telephone consultations, certain appointments need to be seen in person. We also offer virtual visits for the more tech-savvy patients. Please see below for our new procedures for these types of appointments.


Procedures for IN-PERSON visits:
During this pandemic, we are asking that adults come alone for their appointments and that children or infants come with one parent only. Because of social distancing rules, we are trying to limit the number of people in the clinic to keep everyone safe.
We also ask that you wear a mask – non-surgical and/or homemade is fine – and it you don't have access to a mask that you wear a scarf over your mouth and nose. Young children do not need a mask.
The door to the clinic will be kept locked at all times. Please knock and be patient - someone will open the door for you. If you do not have an appointment, we ask that you call before coming in since we won't let patients in without appointments.
IN-PERSON visits include appointments with a physician or appointments with the Nurse. We are currently accepting appointments for all injections and wart treatments. These appointments must be scheduled in advance as we will NOT be accepting walk-ins. Appointments with the nurse will be scheduled every 30 minutes to respect social distancing rules and all areas will be sanitized before the next appointment arrives.

Procedures for Telephone Consultations:
During this pandemic, telephone consultations times and lengths are unpredictable. Please understand that the specified time of your appointment is an approximation only and that it may be a little earlier, or a little later then the actual appointment time. We ask that you be patient during this time.

Procedures for Virtual Visits:
If you haven't already, you will receive an email with a link to your video chat with your doctor. Instructions will be in the email. Please test your connection with microphone and camera before the visit time so there are no delays with your appointment.
A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, please join your virtual visit through the link in your email and wait for your doctor to connect. Physicians will do their best to start the visit close to the appointment time but there may be delays. Please be patient during this time.

Sanitization in our clinic:
In our common areas, all surfaces are sanitized with medical grade disinfectant several times a day. This includes, counters, chairs, door knobs, doors. All touchable surfaces in our exam rooms are sanitized after every patient. We endeavour to keep our clinic as germ free as possible and patients may be asked to sanitize or wash their hands upon arrival.
We would like to thank all our patients for their understanding during these unprecedented times and ask that you please continue to social distance and wash your hands often so that we can stop the spread of COVID-19 for good.

COVID-19 UPDATE (April 21, 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will be changing most of the already scheduled appointments to telephone consultations. This measure is to protect our patients, our physicians, and our staff.

Walk-in clinic procedures will also be different during this time. The door will be kept locked and there will be a sign on the door with a phone number to call to be added to the walk-in schedule. Once you have registered, you will receive a call from either a nurse or a doctor.


The walk-in clinic will be for URGENT matters only. Anything deemed not urgent might be triaged by a nurse and an appointment on a different day may be given with your doctor. You may also be sent home to await a call from one of our physicians. This is to keep as little people as possible in our waiting rooms.


If you suspect that you might have been in contact with someone who had contracted COVID-19 – and that you might have it yourself - please refer to our information sheet - INFORMATION TO PATIENTS ABOUT COVID-19, contact Public Health at 613-580-6744 and they will indicate whether you need to attend a testing centre in the Ottawa area. Fever, cough or trouble breathing may be an indication.

To help stop the spread :
-Go out as little as possible especially if you are over the age of 70
-Cancel travel plans or return home as soon as you can if you are out of country
-Cancel outings and/or organized parties/events with family and friends
-Avoid big gatherings of people and crowds
-Work from home if possible
-Wash your hands for at leased 20 seconds often or use hand sanitizer
-Cough or sneeze in your elbow
-Avoid touching your face, eyes and nose as much as possible
-Practice social distancing and stay at leased 2m away from people in public

Please remember: You may have contracted COVID-19 and have absolutely no symptoms. The more people you come into contact with, the more people you could be infecting.

UPDATE of Uninsured Services

As of today, January 10, 2020 -

Please click HERE to see a full and updated list of our fees for UNINSURED SERVICES.

No More Nurse on Monday Evenings


Please note that as of November 12, 2018 - There will not longer be a nurse available on Monday evenings.

Please click here to see the nurse's hours.

New Fees for Chart Copies

New Fees for Chart Copies

Please be advised that as of Tuesday, May 22 2018 there will be a fee for copies of blood work results or imaging results.

The fee is $5 to a maximum of 4 pages.

NOTICE to All QC patients

Québec Residents who do not have a family physician at our clinic will be required to pay for their visit.

Also, certain physicians require Québec Residents, that are patients with our clinic, to pay their visit before being seen.


We accept payment by Debit, Cash (exact amount), Visa or Mastercard.

Is it a Cold or the Flu?

The Public Health Agency of Canada wants to help you understand the difference between a common cold and the flu.


Click here to read more.

Changes to Prescription Renewals

Please note that there have been changes to our prescription renewal policy:


"Prescription renewals should be done during your regular visits.  Requests from pharmacies are reviewed and returned if approved by your physician. This may take up to 7 business days."

Proud to be SCENT-FREE!!!
Did you know that some people are sensitive to scents?

In our clinics, we try our best to keep a scent-free environment so that everyone can be comfortable.

Please remember to be mindful of your perfumes and colognes when you visit us.

Thanks for your consideration.