Statements from the Canadian Pediatric Society and the American Pediatric Society regarding newborn circumcision.


The procedure is ideally best done for newborns weighing less than 11 lbs. Newborns weighing more than 11 lbs have the potential to experience more bleeding.

The procedure can be done up to two months of age.

Preparation :

Apply EMLA cream (available at the pharmacy) over the entire foreskin 1-2 hours before the procedure.

Administer 40mg (0.5ml of 80mg/ml) acetaminophen (Tempra or Tylenol) 1-2 hours before the procedure.

You may feed your child as usual. The use of a sweet solution (24% sucrose) or breast milk 2 minutes before the procedure may reduce pain.

Mogen Procedure :

1cc of local anesthesia is injected 5-10 minutes before the procedure.

Removal of the foreskin is done with a Mogen clamp and takes about 1-2 minutes.

Your newborn may feel some pain when the skin under the foreskin is separated from the glans penis. This will last about 5-10 seconds. The total time for the procedure is 1-2 minutes.

Any bleeding is treated with direct pressure until the bleeding stops.

After removal of the foreskin, a vaseline gauze (there is no plastic piece in this procedure) is placed over the exposed skin,

Post-procedure care:

You may feed your newborn immediately.

Keep the Vaseline gauze wrapped at the base of the glans for 24 hours. In 24 hours, place your newborn in a bath to allow the gauze to soak. This will allow the bandage to fall off on its own.

After removing the gauze, apply Vaseline to the inside front of the diaper to prevent the glans from adhering to the diaper until the wound is dry, about 4-5 days after the procedure.

If the gauze falls off before 24 hours, simply apply Vaseline to the diaper.

He should be pain-free within 5 minutes. If they are in pain upon your return home, you may continue to give 40mg (0.5ml of 80mg/ml) acetaminophen (Tempra or Tylenol) every 4 hours.

Prevent infection by rinsing the wound with clean water every day. Avoid towels, soap or alcohol-based wipes, as this will cause pain.

Sometimes the remaining foreskin attaches to the glans covering the corona. If you notice the corona (the rim of the glans) to be covered 2-3 months after surgery, please call to make an appointment, as this can easily be corrected.

The cost of the procedure is $300 + $50 deposit when booking. Payment can be done with Mastercard/Visa, Interact or cash.