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Changes to Same-Day Clinic Procedures

The Walk-in Clinic is now known as the Same-Day Emergency Clinic, and changes have been made to the way we manage appointments. 

The Same-Day Emergency Clinic will only serve patients who already have a family doctor with our clinic. 


  • All appointments must be made online on the Health Myself portal or by phone.
  • NO APPOINTMENTS will be given for the Same-Day Emergencies Clinic to patients that come in person. Appointments MUST be made by phone (613-830-1298) or through the portal.
  • Appointments will only be available for that same day – you cannot schedule a same-day appointment in the future.
  • If you get a message that states, “There are no more appointments available for the Same-Day Clinic online,” you may contact the clinic as there may still be appointments available by phone.
  • The name of the physician working at the time of your appointment will not be disclosed. Please do not call the clinic for this information, as it will not be given.
  • Your same-day emergency appointment is for an urgent issue only — all other health concerns will need to be addressed by the family physician at a regularly scheduled appointment.


How to Schedule a Same-Day Appointment

If you are not already registered on the Health Myself portal, call to have a clinic member send you an invitation by email. Click on the link in the email and register. (613-830-1298 ext. 3)

  1. Log in to the Health Myself portal.
  2. Under the Appointments section, click Book New Appointment.
  3. Select who the appointment is for.
  4. Choose Same-Day Clinic as the type of appointment and select the next available time.
  5. Write a SHORT description of the problem and click Confirm.


Please arrive 15 MINUTES prior to your scheduled appointment.