There will NOT be a nurse in suite 100 this evening.

Customized Foot - New Foot Clinic!

We have a new foot clinic - Customized foot.


Click here for more details!

UPDATE of Uninsured Services

As of today, November 1, 2016 -

Please click HERE to see a full and updated list of our fees for UNINSURED SERVICES.


We have received the flu-shot for the 2016-2017 flu season.

Below are the dates and times of our flu-shot clinics.

Tuesday, Oct 25, 2016        6pm-8:30pm
Thursday, Nov 3, 2016       6pm-8:30pm
Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016         6pm-8:30pm
Thursday, Nov 17, 2016     6pm-8:30pm
Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016       6pm-8:30pm

Thursday, Dec 1, 2016       6pm-8:30pm

Please present yourself at Suite 104 with your health card in hand. Door opens at 6pm sharp.

New Links in Services!

Please check out our new links in our Services tab - Click Here!

Changes to Prescription Renewals

Please note that there have been changes to our prescription renewal policy:


"Prescription renewals should be done during your regular visits.  Requests from pharmacies are reviewed and returned if approved by your physician. This may take up to 7 business days."

Proud to be SCENT-FREE!!!
Did you know that some people are sensitive to scents?

In our clinics, we try our best to keep a scent-free environment so that everyone can be comfortable.

Please remember to be mindful of your perfumes and colognes when you visit us.

Thanks for your consideration.

Montfort Family Birthing Centre - Virtual Tour!

At Montfort Hospital,  a team of professionals is dedicated to providing quality, family-centred care. They encourage you to actively participate in your health care and participate in every decision that affects it.

To visit the Montfort website, click here.

To take a virtual tour, click here.